Responsibilities of a TAC


The Teaching Assistant Consultant (TAC) is a graduate student hired by the Office of Instructional Development to facilitate the development of graduate students in his or her department as effective TAs.  The TAC’s job is to help graduate students in the department learn how to be better teachers, and how to deal with the responsibilities and conflicts that arise in a TA’s job.  The TAC leads a TA Training Seminar in which TAs develop their teaching skills and learn about departmental and University resources and policies.  The TAC is also available for individual consultation with the TAs and may observe classrooms to provide feedback and advice on how to improve teaching skills.  All TACs are also required to attend a Central Training Seminar in the Fall quarter to provide guidance and support for their departmental seminar.

Training Seminar

All TACs are required to attend the Central TAC Seminar in the Fall quarter, led by the TA Training Program Coordinator.  The seminar meets once a week for two hours.  TACs are expected to participate in class discussions, read relevant materials, complete short assignments, and consult individually with the TA Training Program Coordinator.  Click here to read the seminar overview. 

Consultation and Observation

The TAC should be available to consult individually with TAs about their teaching, or about problems they may have in their TA jobs and can help arrange videotaping of class sessions through Audio Visual Services.  TACs may also observe a TAs classroom in order to provide constructive feedback about their teaching. 

Limitations of the Job

TACs should not be involved in activities that are not related to TA training.  For example, TACs should not be involved in administrative tasks, such as hiring TAs or assigning them to positions.  The TAC should not be involved in creating course materials for undergraduate classes, or other course development activities, such as writing tests or organizing course content.  Observations or evaluations of a TA made by a TAC should not be part of the TA's official teaching record and should not be used in the process of hiring or assigning TAs to their job positions.