Other Resources on the Web


Other University Of California Instructional Development Centers
This page has links to the various instructional development centers throughout the UC system.  It also includes links to TA - specific resources such as TA Handbooks at each campus.

National Center For Research On Teacher Learning
This organization researches how teachers learn to teach. They have some good summaries of what their research has uncovered.  A good place to start if you are thinking about the philosophy of teaching people to become teachers.

University Of Washington Teaching & Learning Bulletin
This is a frequently updated site with articles that may be specifically related to TAs.  For example, there is an article called "TA Preparation Reconsidered" and one called "Teaching Through Discussion".

Penn State Center For Excellence In Learning & Teaching
This site has some useful publications like "Classroom Observation" and "An Introduction to Classroom Assessment Techniques".

University Of Washington Resources For Teaching
 A great resource, including "Encouraging Students to Be More Active in Class", "Problem-based Learning", and "First Day of Class".

Center For Teaching Excellence: Teaching Tips
Very concise, concrete tips for teachers.