Evaluation of Instruction


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Evaluation of Instruction Guide


Defining and Measuring Effective Teaching
Sources of Information About Teaching

Data From Students: Systematic Student Evaluations

The Student Evaluation System at UCLA
Policy on Data
Student Questionnaire Administrative Procedures
Interpreting Quantitative Student Evaluations for a Course
Interpreting Quantitative Student Evaluations for Personnel Decisions
Further Help for Faculty Concerned about Student Evaluations

Supplemental Types of Evaluations

Informal Feedback Strategies
Data From Students: Interviews with Students
Data From Peers
Data From Oneself

Documenting Teaching Using a Teaching Dossier or Portfolio

Possible Content of Teaching Portfolio
Portfolio Sources
Arrangement and Presentation of Portfolio Components

Developing a Comprehensive Departmental System of Evaluation

Literature Review

Definitions/Theories of Teaching Effectiveness
Student Perspectives on Teaching Evaluations
Faculty Perspectives on Teaching Evaluations
Summative Uses for Teaching Evaluations
Formative Uses of Teaching Evaluations
On-Line Evaluations
Organizational Structure for Evaluation Systems
Other Forms of Evaluation
Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET)
Other Widely Used Forms
Myths about Evaluation
Reliability of SETs
Validity of SETs
Potential Biasing Factors of SETs
Grading Leniency
Global versus Specific Items


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