Night to Honor Teaching 2004



Every year, the UCLA Academic Senate Committee on Teaching and the Office of Instructional Development celebrate the winners of UCLA's Distinguished Teaching Awards.



This year's dinner and award ceremony was held October 2, 2003 at the James West Alumni Center. We invite you to join in the celebration via this on-line presentation!





Awards Only



Distinguished Teaching Assistant Awards

Louis H. deRosset, Philosophy
Ramela Grigorian, Art History
Gordon Haramaki, Musicology
Bryan W. Lockett, Classics
Theresa Romens-Woerpel, Geography



Distinguished Lecturer Awards

Marjorie Bates, Chemistry & Biochemistry
Anita McCormick, Writing Programs
Richard G. Stevenson III, Dentistry



Distinguished Teaching Awards

Joe DiStefano III, Computer Science and Medicine
Robin L. Garrell, Chemistry and Biochemistry
A. P. Gonzalez, Film, Television & Digital Media
Mitchell Morris, Musicology
Kirl J. Stark, Law