Faculty Experiences - Andrew Kim

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Interview Topics

What matters most to you in your teaching?

How are you using technology as a tool to achieve your teaching goals?

How have your students responded to your use of technology?

What new goals do you have for using technology in teaching?


Class discussion

Ask good questions

Show what you're talking about



Class web site

Computer classroom/lab

Discussion board


Learning 80% of the Material, 100% Well

My emphasis in teaching has been quality over quantity. We only have a limited amount of time. What I always tell my students is a term I created called the "80/100 Principle." What that means is that in order to understand the material well try to learn 80 percent of the material 100 percent well, rather than try to cram 100 percent of the material to only have learned it 80 percent well.

If you really want to learn a topic, in the end you have to let some things go. So the pace at which I teach can be somewhat slow to some students, but I'd rather not leave anyone too far behind.

I use lots of discussion and rhetorical questions. I just won't lecture at them. I try to be animated in my demonstrations. My job is to try to force questions out of them through different ways. I mostly use audio and visual tools in class; for example, I use lots of pictures in my demonstrations like slides or overheads. I might use video occasionally. In some instances, pictures aren't enough like when I have to show a dynamic process. In those instances, I will bring in my laptop and incorporate video.

The class web site is used as a supplement. We use it mainly as a communication tool where students can contact me. Students can ask questions on a discussion board on the web site. It provides students with a means to catch up and not get lost. Also, it's a way to be more efficient because if we had to reply individually to ten students asking the same question it would be very time consuming.

In the future, I would like to continue using visual content in lecture. As classes are getting larger and larger, it would be nice to use video feeds for students who could not make lecture for whatever reasons. In addition, small classes can benefit from taking place in computer labs so that students can view demonstrations on their personal screens.

Oral Interview, April 30, 2003