Teaching Assistant Training Program

The OID TA Training Program assists TAs at UCLA to improve their teaching and advance their professional development.

190 Powell Library Building
If you are like the majority of UCLA graduate students, you will undertake the role of a Teaching Assistant at some point during your graduate career.  Becoming a successful TA is a skill that requires practice, preparation, and the collection of feedback and suggestions for improvement.  The TA Training Program website is designed to either answer your questions or direct you to a helpful resource. 

UCLA TA Resources

What are the highlights of being a TA at UCLA?  Learn about the hiring procedures, detailed responsibilities, and campus resources.  Find out how a TA can request up to $250 for classroom activities by completing a TA Mini-grants Form.  Get help with teaching and grading through the Teach2write website.  And for new or experienced TA’s, visit the Surviving the First Quarter of Teaching website, a resource on how to prepare for the first day of teaching and beyond.

Departmental TA Training and the TAC Program

Many UCLA departments require their TAs to complete a 495 Seminar designed to prepare them for the TA role.  Those seminars are organized, developed, and taught jointly by a faculty member and an experienced graduate student holding the title of a TA Consultant (TAC).  The TA Training Program is involved with the selection and training of all TACs.

Teaching FAQs

Are you looking for easy-to-implement ideas for improving teaching?  We have collected what seem to be common questions about teaching and proven advice on how to answer them. 

Campuswide TA Conference

Each year prior to the Fall quarter, the OID TA Training Program organizes a day-long conference designed for TAs.  The conference consists of a series of workshops, microteaching session, a Faculty & TA Panel, and a Language TA Panel.  Both new and experienced TAs can benefit from the enthusiastic and knowledgeable TA workshop leaders.

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