TA Mini-Grants Instructions

The Office of Instructional Development (OID) provides mini-grants to teaching assistants who teach regular university courses, for the purpose of defraying the cost of certain course enhancements.  These funds cannot be used to supplement regular departmental supplies and expense budgets.  Teaching assistants may receive no more than $250 in mini-grants per year.


Please indicate your intended use of Mini-Grant funds by carefully reading and completing a Mini-Grant application.  Awarded grant funds will be transferred to your department for disbursement.  Please submit your mini-grant request at least two weeks in advance of planned event.

Important Note

  • Applications must be received at least two weeks in advance of the proposed use of funding to accommodate the approval process.
  • As of July 1, 2007, OID will not accept applications for reimbursement funding.
  • Retroactive requests will not be approved.

The following is a list of representative, but not exclusive use of mini-grant funds:

Media (Video, DVD, CD, etc.)

For renting or purchasing media.  Mini-Grant applications for Media will be forwarded to OID’s Instructional Media Collections & Services (IMCS) at imlib@ucla.edu.  For assistance call 310-825-0755.


For honoraria to distinguished experts visiting undergraduate courses.  You must include the name of your guest speaker, their place of employment, and the lecture topic. Honoraria are limited to a maximum $75.00 per guest speaker and normally a limit of on distinguished guest speaker per quarter will be considered.  Full-time UC faculty, staff, and students are ineligible to receive honoraria.

Field Trip Transportation

To offset the cost of student transportation to field instruction sites within California.

Instructional Software

Only software that is uniquely applicable to the undergraduate course will be funded.  This does not include general-purpose software, such as word-processing, graphics, spreadsheet, photo, statistical or database software.

Mini-Grant funds cannot be used for

  •     Travel
  •     Lodging
  •     Parking
  •     Per diem
  •     Publicity
  •     Food/Beverage
  •     Admission fees
  •     Books  
  •     Computer hardware or peripheral equipment
  •     Conference Registration fees
  •     UCLA Extension or Summer session courses