Evaluation Coordinator Information

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Evaluation Coordinators

Each department that EIP provides service to has one person designated as the Evaluation Coordinator.

For online evaluations, the Evaluation Coordinator informs instructors and students about the process, checks course registration data for accuracy and oversees reports released to the department.

For paper evaluations, the Evaluation Coordinator is responsible for obtaining evaluation supplies, distributing the materials to the classes to be evaluated, organizing the course envelopes prior to sending them to EIP and distributing the data once we have returned it to the department.

If you need to know who is the Evaluation Coordinator for a given department or program, please visit our Evaluation Coordinator Directory page.

Forms and Information for Evaluation Coordinators

Listed below are links to various pages and documents that Evaluation Coordinators will find helpful:

For All Evaluation Coordinators:
Evaluation Coordinator Directory

When your department or program has a change in personnel, please inform us who will be the new Evaluation Coordinator by filling out this form:
Evaluation Coordinator Update Form
For Paper Evaluations:
For Online Evaluations:


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