Departmental TA Training and the TAC Program

Departmental TA Training Seminars:

The format of the TA training seminar varies by department, and is specifically tailored to fit the discipline. In most departments, this seminar carries the course number 495 and is a requirement for all new TAs at UCLA. TAs enrolled in these seminars will often practice teaching in microteaching sessions, discuss pedagogical strategies, hear advice from experienced TAs, and learn about departmental procedures and guidelines. In addition to teaching techniques that are discipline-specific, new TAs are introduced to general principles of good teaching.

Currently, more than 40 UCLA departments offer a TAC positions supported by OID. For more information about the application process please refer to the following links:

TAC Central Seminar:

The Central Seminar offered in the fall quarter, guides TACs in thinking about the goals and objectives of being a departmental consultant for new TAs. The discussions center around the difference between thinking about one's own teaching versus guiding new TAs to become effective instructors. Each year, the Central Seminar brings together the best TAs nominated by their departments with the collective objective of raising the standards of pedagogical instruction for undergradutes at UCLA.

The following link will give you more information about the responsiblities of a TAC:

Responsibilities of a TAC